Understanding the Google Gravity Underwater

Google Gravity is nothing just a trick, which has been around for 10 years. The original Google gravity project or trick was created by Ricardo Cabello in 2009! The search engine monster, Google is known to be bunches of fun-loving and for this it has created a several number of tricks, e-eggs, Google Zero Gravity and April Fool hoaxes to amuse and entertain its users. Google gravity is nothing, just a JavaScript program that creates a special representations in user’s browser as if Google’s search page elements like Google logo, search box, buttons, links came crashing down.


User who don’t have knowledge of Google Gravity Underwater project can feel a shock. When all page start tumbling to down, it can surprise and shock the users. Users may get feel like their browser or Google search page has some problem. Google has started this project in 2009, and due to some reason, it has plenteous this project. Yet, you can even now access these from the outsider website by using some tricks. Ever wonder why the “I’m Feeling Lucky” is button doing below the search box of Google?

The original version the Google Gravity Unblocked project was appeared in the year of 2009. By profession he is a web designer and developer. This trick will let user feel that as if Google homepage was pulled down by “gravity”. Ricardo Cabello, the developer of this Google trick is otherwise called Mr Doob and not simply Google Gravity Game, he has developed numerous other awesome JavaScript interactive projects and tricks features.


Well, that button has one purpose of making your search more entertaining and fun. You need to type different search terms and get new search engines directly. For example, in case you search “Google Gravity” in the search bar and snap on “I’m feeling lucky” button. New windows will open with a google search bar which seems to tumble down due to gravity. You can use many Google Gravity Water ticks to activate JavaScript’s, which will make your search more enjoyable and happening. For more information, look this page.

Emma Vatson

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