What you want to know about international journal of engineering

International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology is a partner reviewed, open access and multidisciplinary engineering journal that publishes exceptional research and review articles of each huge part of Engineering, Science and Technology. We have grasped a totally open access publishing model which empowers open overall access to its published content so anyone can download and read articles nonstop altogether free of cost. IJERT is consolidated into many driving abstracting and indexing open access databases like Google Scholar and ResearchGate.


IJERT doesn’t charge readers or their foundations for access to more than 25000 published articles. The open access supports the rights of customers to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles gave they are fittingly perceived and alluded to. They welcome you to submit high quality Call for papers for review and possible publication in each part of engineering, science and technology. All makers must yield to the content of the first copy and its convenience for publication in this journal before it is submitted to us.


Sitting at the point of convergence of research and innovation, consistently we vigorously push the cutoff purposes of science and engineering by routinely publishing state-of-art buddy reviewed research content in one of the top evaluated engineering journal. IJER 100% complement on high quality research content, serious buddy review which exists on the sum of our research and review articles , ensuring we distribute deductively stable research over a wide scope of engineering zones. Each recognized paper in IJERT will be published under a Creative Commons License and will be uninhibitedly open on the IJERT Digital Library.


IJERT has the gathering of more than 1500 prominent reviewers and publication board people from comprehended academic associations around the globe. The basic goal of the reviewers and editors is to keep up high quality of publications. The articles that are sent for reviews are managed by state of art online unique copy review system, with a view towards making brisk and sensible review process. The Editors guarantee all position to reject papers without sending them out for review. For more information, click this page.

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